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Some people associate these photos with the biblical fallen angel giants called Nephilim. The body measured 20 inches, while the head is also about 20 inches. Scientists around the world have done DNA tests on the skeleton with no firm results if whether this is a human or a mysterious being?

Not knowing most of these photos are actually fake. Fake or not though, the pictures are very entertaining and great for kids. This is the most popular giant skeleton photo online. Found while tearing down an ancient temple in India.

The original (second photo) shows Chicago University students uncovering dinosaur bones in 1993.

The megalodon shark (Carcharodon megalodon) was a massive being that would put modern day sea predators to shame.

Worth1000′s photos are brilliant but also fake Photoshops. This is actually a fake giant skull though, made by Harvard Medical School in the 1890′s. The skull is in too good of condition and too bright in colors. Their is another photo online of the skeletons not even in the picture.

Common to see original watermarks on these photos stripped. It was used for demonstrations when explaining the anatomy of the skull, so the entire classroom could easily see it. The story online is this skull was found in New Zealand. It was created for a Photoshop contest at worth1000 a couple of years ago.

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To me it looks like the men are uncovering a sunken ship or something else.

This post will be updated if any real giant skeletons are found in the future : D.

Just like the sharks of today, these sharks were comprised mainly of cartilage.

So even though these sharks were immense, the majority of their bodies were not fossilized; cartilage usually disintegrates too fast for the fossilization process to occur.

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Based on what researchers have discovered, the megalodon had many physical and behavioral similarities to the great white shark; however, one of the main differences between the two was that the megalodon was substantially more menacing and intimidating.

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