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Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side

Since this is a grant-funded position, I felt that I wouldn’t be asked to do long distance travel due to costs.

Anyway, the reason I can’t do long distance traveling is due to a sick family member I am helping to take care of.

I started a position two and a half months ago, working as an academic advisor in higher education.

The job description for this position did not mention anything about traveling.

I didn’t mention they were state and regional conferences, not national.If you absolutely can’t do it, you should mention it as part of negotiating the offer, so that you can (a) find out before you take the job if it’s a deal-breaker for them and (b) possibly come to an understanding from the beginning.It’s too late to do that now, obviously, but I’d go to your boss and say that you hadn’t realized that you might be asked to travel and so you wanted to explain that you’re generally not able to do that because you take care of a sick family member.I don’t know if it’s more awkward to bring this up when no one may have noticed and potentially look like I’m fishing for attention, or to let it go and potentially look like I’m uncomfortable with feedback.I feel silly for how strong my reaction was, but I’m really worried about my boyfriend and sad about his friend.

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