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Egged on by the crowd, Matasiete throws him from his horse, seizes him by the necktie and holds a dagger to his throat. At that point the slaughter yard Judge rides up and orders that the protagonist be taken to his shed, which is also a rudimentary courtroom.In this room is a massive table never without glasses of grog and playing cards "unless to make room for the executions and tortures of the Federalist thugs of the slaughter yard".

The crowd immediately spots that he is a unitario (supporter of the proscribed political party).After a terrible struggle the young man bursts a blood vessel and dies on the spot.The Judge comments: "Poor devil; we only wanted to amuse ourselves, but he took it too seriously." According to the American editor, translator and Borges collaborator Norman Thomas di Giovanni, "Esteban Echeverría’s El matadero, written towards the end of the 1830s, is chronologically the first work of Argentine prose fiction….Forty-nine bullocks are slaughtered, flayed and quartered with axes. But there is a suspicion that he may be no bullock, but a bull – though bulls are not allowed in the slaughter yard.Driven mad with rage by the crowd's handling, he charges.

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The Judge and the crowd speak in direct, colloquial street Spanish but, curiously, the protagonist, even when insulting them, uses correct literary language, addressing them in the third person.

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