Updating map in nuvi

Posted by / 11-Dec-2017 20:57

Updating map in nuvi

Not all features were found with the Euro maps (city searching database was missing) and I'm thinking some base files originally on the GPS were re-located on the SD card.After reinstalling the lower 49 states on the new 4GB SD card I looked around.Note: the Voice files are the biggest and take up the most space.I have the maps of all of North America loaded onto a 200W. As someone else said, backup the directory to your computer's hard drive before deleting anything.There is a "Garmin" folder that has sub-folders called "Help", "Text" and "Voice" (among others).IF you only use the English language, you can delete all the other files in those directories.

I can't figure why it didn't give that option in the first place.

Long story short--repeat the update using Garmin Map Updater rather than Garmin Express and report back.

On the other hand, you could bypass a repeat 2013.40 installation since 2014.10 is due out very soon, possibly even next Tuesday--and with your 4GB card and Garmin Map Updater, you should have no problem with the full map update to the 4GB SD. *map file size for 2013.40 with all of North America: gmapsup1is 1,926,368KB (1.83 GB or 1,972,600,832 bytes) and there are a few other tiny files needed as well.

While I personally prefer to do it that way, for most people I would recommend doing what Dorkus Nimrod says and load the entire map on the SD card. The only caveat you need to let your daughter-in-law know is that it will take the 200 a bit longer to boot because it has to read from the SD card, which is a bit slower.

If you connect your GPS to your computer and look at the GPS through the File Manager (or My Computer), you'll see a directory structure on the GPS.

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When I used the old update system, before Garmin Express, I was able to do complete maps with the 2GB card.

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