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To hear these broadcasts, dial (303) 499-7111 for WWV (Colorado), and (808) 335-4363 for WWVH (Hawaii). These are not toll-free numbers; callers outside the local calling area are charged for the call at regular long-distance rates. The WWV number receives over 1 million calls per year, and the WWVH number receives more than 50,000.For some further information on WWV, WWVH and time signals worldwide, see NGA Publication 117 "Radio Navigational Aids" All NWS marine forecasts rely heavily on the Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS) program for obtaining meteorological observations.The top half of each antenna is a quarter-wavelength radiating element.The bottom half of each antenna consists of nine quarter-wavelength wires that connect to the center of the tower and slope downwards to the ground at a 45 degree angle.Until October 1, 2017, hourly voice broadcasts of current high seas storm warnings for the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico will be provided by the National Weather Service.The NWS plans to discontinue this service October 1, 2017.Discrimination between the two stations may be accomplished as WWV uses a male announcer for announcement of time, while WWVH uses a female announcer.The audio portions of the WWV and WWVH broadcasts can also be heard by telephone.

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The tallest tower, for 2.5 MHz, is about 60 m tall.

The shortest tower, for 20 MHz, is about 7.5 m tall.

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