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Zehdenick naked

It was Noëmi who introduced the rest of the band to the incredible story of what can only be described as the “Gulag blues”.With her storyteller’s voice, she led Antoine, Florent and Thierry into the footsteps of Dina Vierny, one of the few people from “the West” who got direct access to the first Gulag survivors – ordinary prisoners sent back from Siberia during the period of détente under Krushchev.Also on display is , a series of behind-the-scenes shots: a game of Buzkashi played with the headless body of a goat, prayers in Uzbekistan or Nepal, households in Tibet, a flag-waving man in a distant Japanese village. I am fascinated by the relationship between the body and the landscape. What do we do, or how do we feel when there is nothing left to us but the body? But somehow the very decision to go there naked has always been the biggest step. It all started when I was photographing myself naked in nature. Then I set out for a long journey and while travelling I was meeting so many interesting people. I take mostly vertical format pictures, because I like the movement of the landscape. The smaller snapshots work as a fascinating testimony of the traveller’s reality behind the artist’s reality, while their immediacy perfectly completes the more distant aesthetics of Brulat's work. I was alone there, in the middle of nowhere, and all of a sudden I thought: this rock over there looks fantastic, I want to embrace it with my bare skin. My work with naked bodies was an intensive experience, beyond everything I had lived through before. It’s also a bit about coming back to the origins, when we were wandering in nature. Has the experience been traumatic to you or any of your models? But those were temporary, “pathing-through” bits of experience.

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Hanin Elias is a Syrian-German artist, infamous riot grrl, and digital hardcore trendsetter.